10th Avenue Impact Capital Partners


10th Avenue I.C.P.

10th Avenue is a student-led impact investment team comprised of local students from multiple universities. We invest and support Vancouver-based, high-impact, social enterprises and enterprising non-profits. While it is an investment team, we are NOT all business students - we emphasize diversity of all types on our teams, including diversity of interests and expertise.

The one thing we all have in common?

A passion to change the world, and a desire to become impactful leaders in a shifting economy.


Come join a nation-wide uprising of students pushing new ways of thinking about social business, impact investing, and the role of future leaders in our society. We can’t wait to hear from you.

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The 10th Avenue Values


Social Value

Each dollar invested is committed to creating intentional social value in Vancouver. We prioritize impact-adjusted returns in each of our investments, and tailor our investments to ensure they suit each individual social venture. We call our fund a ‘social value’ fund because the purpose and type of our investments reaches even further to social return than typical impact investment funds currently do. We believe there is a financing gap between philanthropy and impact investing that needs to be filled and we are prepared to fill it.


Student led

We are a group of students making real investment decisions into local social enterprises. We do everything a normal fund would - finding and meeting local social ventures, making decisions on which ventures to pursue, completing research and due diligence, and making investment decision recommendations to our Investment Committee - comprised of aligned, local impact investment groups and foundations. We also have access to a range of pro-bono support from local professional investors, alumni mentors, and organizations to ensure we have access to the tools needed to succeed.



We believe a diverse room is a successful room. Diversity here means a variety of things - diversity of gender, diversity of cultural backgrounds, and diversity of interests and expertise. When selecting our new teammates we prioritize diversity of skill - while having financial knowledge is an asset, we believe having knowledge in other areas such as the arts, engineering, and the sciences is equally as impactful in social value investing. By creating diverse teams we are able to spark cross-disciplinary ideas that are important and empowering.


Our Current Portfolio


CleanStart BC

A social venture founded in Vancouver with a mission to provide career opportunities to those with barriers to employment. CleanStart is a service based company that offers a suite of property cleaning services including junk removal, hoarding cleanup, and pest control. Recently, they completed an expansion onto Vancouver Island. 

To learn more about Clean Start BC, click here.

Chop Value

Removing bamboo chopsticks from the waste cycle by creating innovative and sustainable products. Chop Value locally manufactures beautiful products directly from used chop sticks collected from restaurants around the Lower Mainland including yoga blocks, wall decor, tables and much more.

To learn more about Chop Value, click here

This Fish

Tackling global fishing issues including overfishing and piracy through their two software tools: Trace and Tally. Trace allows consumers to understand exactly where their fish is coming from and where it has gone. Tally allows fish processing plants to go from paper to tech and better track their work flow.

To learn more about This Fish, click here


Working with the team at 10th Avenue was a really positive experience for CleanStart. They went above and beyond to create a funding vehicle that was tailored to our specific needs. Not only did they create a social funding plan; they also helped us define some of our social employment hiring policies. We’re looking forward to the ongoing relationship with 10th Avenue as we continue to grow our social enterprise.
— Dylan Goggs, CleanStart CEO


Impact Ventures


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